Strength & Power of Women in the Bible

The Strength & Power of Women in the Bible

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The Strength & Power of Women in the Bible

The Bible is sometimes described as a book for and by men. But what we have discovered is that is actually not the case. David Johnson will take you on a beautiful journey of womanhood in the Bible. You will see that especially in the Old Testament, women played a very important for the people of Israel.

There even is a story about a woman that is so important, if it wasn’t for her faith in God, if it wasn’t for her inner strength the people of Israel wouldn’t be alive today. (And no we are not taking about Eve or Mary).

And of course it is true that the Bible talks about men more than women. But this has nothing to do with the lack of importance of women.

Think about it, if men really wanted to leave out women, why is there a book in the Bible called Ruth? If they really wanted to leave out women they could have just called it Boaz. He also played a major and important role in the book of Ruth. But there was something special, and we believe something powerful, about Ruth that God wanted a whole book named after her.

There are also other details in the Bible that you will not see if you do not read carefully. These details show that women were and are very important in the Bible. There are some very courageous and powerful women in the Bible and we want to show you how special they are.

What you will learn:

  • Women were created in a unique fashion and for a special purpose
  • Being a “helpmeet” has a far deeper meaning than you think
  • A woman was given the biggest and most important promise in the Bible
  • How God can use women unknowingly as a prophetic instrument
  • About kings in the Bible that became the person they are because of their mother
  • That your traditional view of virtuous women is very different than what you have learned.

Number of pages: 59

Number of chapters: 7

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