Love is not a Choice

Love is NOT a Choice

I used to believe love was a choice untill God opened my eyes when I prayed about being a more loving person.

Contrary to what some Christians circles teach, love is not a choice. The Bible is 100% clear about this.

There are verses in the Old, and even clearer in the New Covenant, that show without a shadow of a doubt love is not a choice!

I hope this short and free E-book will bless you, your friends and your family!

Our Father - Extended Prayer

Our Father: Extended Prayer

The Most Powerful Prayer taught by our Messiah is a perfect model for our prayer life. And I’ve heared very often that this prayer is a model.

During prayer I received complementary words and sentences for this prayer. And I feel that this must be shared with the world!

I hope this short and free E-book will bless you, your friends and your family!

The Strength & Power of Women in the Bible

This book will definitely encourage your faith and God.

You will feel proud to be a woman, you will feel special after reading the Strength and Power of Women in the Bible.

We can already see you rejoicing!

Divorce is Not a Sin

This book will definitely blow your mind if you grew up with the doctrine that divorce is a sin.

David Johnson proofs from a Biblical and historical perspective that Divorce is not sin.

Find out the knowledge and truth that the church has kept from you.

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7 Biblical Key Verses How to Love Your Wife

How would you feel if you would have access to knowledge that is hidden in plain sight?

In this E-book you will find 7 Biblical Key Verses and more on how you can have a successful marriage!

These keys are made practical so you can start applying those keys almost immediately.