About Us


We do independent research on different Bible topics. When we do our research, we do our best the let the Bible answer our questions. We are looking for the truth in Scripture without our own preconceived ideas about any subject.

Church & Denomination

We work independent of any church or denomination.  The books we write are never influenced by any church doctrine belonging to a certain denomination.

Buy the Truth & Sell it Not

You might ask: how can you buy the truth if nobody is selling it? Even though it seems contradictory it is not. Especially if you understand this proverb that Solomon wrote the right way.

You need to see truth as important physical item. In reality truth is abstract and there is nothing physical about truth. But if you look at truth as a piece of a unique kind of gold that never uses it’s value, you will come to understand why Solomon said this. If you view truth this way, you will buy it and not sell it.

The message that Solomon was trying to convey is that you need to hold on to truth no matter what! Let nobody take truth from you!

We want to give you this kind of value of truth for a reasonable price. But once you have it, don’t lose it! That’s also the reason why our Messiah said to the Laodiceans to buy gold from Him (Rev 3:19).

Buy the Truth & Sell it Not!